"Work At Home"

In setting you up as an Officially Registered Assembler, there is a considerable amount of work to do. We must start filing, shipping, and receiving procedures. We must make materials ready and available for you. We also enter your registration and information into our computer In order for you to receive payments from us. All this requires time and money. In the event you are not sincere in your Intentions and do not actually produce the product for us, then we would suffer sizable losses. To prevent this and Insure that you really want to make money, we request that you send us, in order to become an Officially Registered Assembler, a one-time refundable registration fee of only $35.00. The registration process is a service rendered by Craftworks Enterprises, Inc.

Here's what you have to do to get started:

  1. Fill out completely and sign the attached registration form.

  2. Enclose your one-time registration fee either a money order Visa/MC or cashiers check - made payable to: CRAFTWORKS ENTERPRISES. INC.

    P.O. Box 4302
    Enterprise, FL 32725

When we receive your completed Certificate of Registration Form with your registration fee, we will send you an official letter confirming you as a Registered Assembler. This qualifies you to receive both materials and payments from us plus a Materials Request Form which you will need to make the number of animals you can effectively handle. The quantity of materials you can request is totally up to you - based on a nominal one-time refundable materials security deposit your desire, and your own initiative. Our program makes It possible for you to decide exactly how much money you will make on how many animals you wish to assemble.

After you make the animals according to our easy instructions, you will ship them to us for payment. We will send you a check for your work. There is a Materials Request Form in each box of supplies so you can continue to make money. What a great way to earn money!

Unfortunately, we cannot register you into the program and later deduct the registration fee from your earnings. We have far too many people who are willing to pay the registration fee in advance to defray part of the set-up costs.

We do not have the capacity to use everyone who wants to make money as an assembler. The number of openings we currently have is limited. The response has been overwhelming, therefore if you wish to be an Officially Registered Assembler, it is imperative that you send your remittance as soon as possible.

Craftworks Enterprises, Inc.
P.O. Box 4302 - Enterprise, FL 32725
 (386) 860-4848 - 9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. E.S.T.
Monday through Thursday