"Work At Home"

CRAFTWORKS ENTERPRISES, INC. is in the business of manufacturing and distributing "Dino Dinosaurs" that are handmade, stuffed animals. We wholesale and retail this product nationwide. Our “Dino Dinosaurs” are enjoyed by children and adults alike as stuffed animal toys, decorations, and accent pieces.

We will supply all the materials that you will need to make "Dino Dinosaurs". We do this to make sure the quality of the finished product is uniform and attractive to our customers. We also supply our special pattern and assembly instructions at no extra cost to you. All you have to do after registering with us is to make the "Dino Dinosaurs" according to pattern and ship them to us within a timely manner. You will then be paid $7.00 for each animal you assemble.

You have the choice of making animals for us full-time or part-time as long as you make them according to our easy-to-understand pattern. Better yet, the animals may be sewn by hand or by machine. We will tell you everything you need to know to start making money now. Therefore, you are the one who determines how much money you are going to make. We will pay you on a per unit basis; so, the more animals you make, the more money you will make.

Unless someone is officially registered, company policy forbids us to ship assembly plans, materials, or make payments. As a registered assembler you can get help from others, however, you will be the only one receiving payments from us. Subcontracting is forbidden. We have two goals:
1) We want to facilitate the manufacture of our animals; and
2) We want to make sure that the registered assemblers who help us get paid in full for their service.

The reason our animals sell so well is that they are all made by hand and are extremely cute and appealing.

Yes, we could make them for a lot less money, but out we believe that when you sacrifice the human touch, you lose the human appeal that makes our "Dino Dinosaurs" warm and special.

"Dino Dinosaurs" need you for human touch and love that you put into each animal. You can be assured that your animals will make many people happy. We need you, our customers need you, and best of all, we will pay you for your efforts.

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